And a 40% chance of the owls not being what they seem.


I’ve heard for a while that David Lynch will sometimes pop onto Indie 103.1 with a daily weather report. Having left terrestrial radio behind for SiriXMus, I’ve never heard it. But what luck, he’s been providing this service for several years on his own website:

The David Lynch Daily Weather Report

I wish we could embed this on the front page.

14 thoughts on “And a 40% chance of the owls not being what they seem.”

  1. ok…and those of us with a bugged plugin for quicktime what exactly is he about and saying?

  2. I love Indy for this among many other reasons.

    They said something the other day about Inland Empire screening somewhere next week with a Q&A. Anybody know where/when?

  3. sirius/xm sometimes gets celebrities to do their traffic reports in certain cities as well.

  4. ok…I ran the plugin again and it took. Umm…it was a weather report. What did I miss?

  5. Yes he does it DAILY! I have been trying to get ahold of Inland Empire having gone to school in Claremont (5th-Soph College). Blockbuster aint got it May need to jump to Netflix.

  6. I’ve been watching Lynch’s daily report almost daily for about a year and a half. I can’t explain my fascination with it. It is nearly always the same.

    “Good morning. Today is July 25th, two-thousand and seven, and it’s a Wednesday. Here in L.A….” Then he looks out the window and describes what he sees. It’s almost always the same; c’mon, it’s L.A. What’d you expect? He always finishes with the then current temperature in fahrenheit and celsius. He always wears the trademark white shirt, buttoned all the way up. If it’s a chilly morning, he might wear a black cardigan. He almost never deviates from the script. The webcam never moves, so the shot never changes.

    I think the reason I keep going back is for the occasional (rare) variances. Sometimes there are unusual items on the desk. Even more rarely he’ll throw in an off-the-cuff comment, unrelated to the weather.

    Whatever it is, the man is brilliant. He has found a way to keep me (and others) coming back every day for the same piece of nothing.

  7. ‘Matt – it’s not really a technical issue, its more a question of how do I slip something into Sean’s coffee that makes him loopy enough that I can convince him it’s a good idea.

  8. @ Travis:


    That strip is a touchstone of excellence! So much so that it wove itself into my subconscience, and I find myself incorporating it into whatever daily conversations from time to time.

    Thank you for the link. Awesome!

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