Glendale Galleria Apple Store goes nano

[ironically, it will get larger]

Had to venture to the Glendale Galleria Apple store today for some fresh software, and was at first dismayed to find the store all boarded up in its regular location.

Fortunately, I am able to read, and quickly learned that the “temporary store” was just a few yards away. Upon approach, I was immediately struck by how teensy the store was – just the bare minimum merchandise in little more than a closet.

I had a bad feeling. But I shouldn’t have!

I found an employee (there were lots!) and asked about Aperture, which was not out on the shelves. He went back, found it, brought it out, and RANG MY SALE right there on his wireless handheld tricorder-thingie.

Furthering the space-age-iness of the transaction, he offered to email the receipt, thus furthering the paperless experience I have long cultivated.

I should have known Apple would have the most elegant solution to what would otherwise have been a big problem.

The pint-sized store will be in use until November.

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