Don’t Eat Pulparindo

pulparindo.jpgThe California Department of Public Health is once again warning consumers not to eat Pulparindo from De La Rosa because of high levels of lead detected in samples.

De la Rosa Pulparindo is a tamarind pulp candy packaged in 10-ounce boxes that contain individually wrapped 0.49 ounce candies. The 10-ounce boxes are bright red in color with the word “Pulparindo” boldly printed in black letters. The individual candy packages are also bright red in color with the word “Pulparindo” boldly printed in black letters and “Extra Hot and Salted Tamarind Pulp Candy” boldly printed in yellow lettering with green trim located underneath the word “Pulparindo.”

Mexican tamarind candies are often sold at drug store and grocery chains in Southern California as well as numerous bodegas and dollar stores.

See the health alert notice on the FDA website (you can now subscribe to RSS feeds of all recall notices).

I don’t know why it’s so difficult for Mexican candy to GET THE LEAD OUT but I really wish they would. I love their flavors, but I just don’t trust their manufacturing and packaging.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Eat Pulparindo”

  1. Oh drats, that’s one of my favorites, along with the mazapan. I’m going to check my local stores, somehow I don’t think they’re going to pull the product.

  2. I’ve gotten the impression that the lead comes from the packaging leaching lead into the candy, not from the actual candy itself. Tamarind is especially acidic, so it does a good job of pulling contaminants its way. I don’t think the marzipan would have the same issue … but don’t go eating the wrappers.

  3. Cybele is right, the lead is in the packaging.

    Does any body know whether the recall affects a specific batch or is this contamination is part of their manufacturing process? If the contaminated inks are used in other products it could, conceivably, affect all candies made by LaRosa. Is the governement testing all products, all packages? I hope I’m not sounding paranoid; but it would seem like this issue is only for one type of candy and, perhaps, just a few batches.

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