Clueless marketing people don’t know about cerveza

As a sequel and contrast to this post about “offensive” advertising, how about Miller Beer’s campaign for their new beer, the “Chill”? As I was driving down the 10, I saw a large ad on the side of a building, and did a double take. Sorry for the lack of pics, but I kinda needed my hands for steering. Here is Miller’s flash-based website (age verification needed for entry) for the new beverage being billed as “beerveza.” I cringed.

Apparently, the product was test marketed [1] in Miami, Texas, New Mexico and San Diego back in April. ¿Qué pasó to LA? Were we not brown enough? Or have we been too busy test marketing the Angus Burger?

The website proclaims it is now “Available Nationwide,” but I doubt it will catch on. I get the feeling that if I served these at my backyard carne asada, my family would hit me over the cabeza with their Negra Modelos. It pales to the authenticity of a Chelada helada, which (may I add) makes a nice liquid substitute for your favorite lead-filled candy.

White people of LA, don’t fall for it!

11 thoughts on “Clueless marketing people don’t know about cerveza”

  1. I got to drink this beer back in January as part of a focus group. It’s not bad if they’re paying me $100 to drink it. I told them that it was kind of lame, though

  2. Very interesting, but after a recent trip into heartland is an indication, they are enamored with even horrible Mexican, think Taco Hell is “authentic” so chances are its going to take off. Sheep are everywhere. Short lived but it will make Miller some money in the mean time.

  3. Re the chelada helada, they’re selling pre-canned Budweiser with Clamato at the Superior supermarket near my home as well as this Chill stuff.

  4. its not that bad if there is nothing else. no really it isnt that bad. (bowing head in shame)

  5. Not being (fully) white I suppose I am immune. Hey, Texas and New Mexico are BIG states. Which cities were umm pretested?

  6. “Brewed with a hint of lime and salt”?

    A “hint”?

    Wanna bet that’s Miller Brewing’s code for “a petroleum-based artificial flavor that sorta kinda reminds people of a salty lime”?

    And in a green glass bottle, too, so it’ll be sure to develop that oh-so-authentic “skunky” taste after it sits next to the beer-case fluorescents for a while.


  7. Hey Evan why won’t you answer my question about your pizza? What’s the point of bitching about using your oven in July if you cook your pizza in the oven before you grill it?

  8. I am completely offended: as a homebrewer, I just hate to see such a needless waste of our precious malted barley. But even worse, comes this little shit in a can, a Bud Light Chelada all mixed up with Clamato. The thing is, these drinks can be nice and refreshing, when MIXED ON THE SPOT, not contrived in some stupid marketing meeting. And as far as I know, they’ve always been refered to as Micheladas, but what do I know?

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