Seattle Imports:Starbucks, Grunge and now Kilts???

kilts.jpg (Rub your mousey to enlarge this crapified camera phone image)
Are we ready for this Seattle import? Spotted a guy in a biker shirt at the House of Rat yesterday afternoon and he was getting a LOT of stares. Why? He was wearing a kilt. A heavy denim, multipleated kilt that was a far cry from your basic tartan plaid. The trusty label was googleable and here is what I found:Utilikilts. Their site is actually informative and the amateur video/commercials are actually kinda funny or at least at this early hour are.
A few questions come to mind. Has anyone seen the men in LA wearing kilts in public? Are the men of LA ready to wear them? My better half says I have the legs to pull it off, but….

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  1. The only time I’ve ever seen guys wearing the things in L.A. is in the immediate vicinity of the Utilikilts booth at the Sunset Junction street fest.

  2. I’ve seen plenty of guys in UKs around town and have for years. A good half of the men I know have them. And a guy with the confidence to wear one? Hot, hot, hot. My fella certainly has one, though it took some convincing at first!

  3. My husband has a utilikilt and LOVES it. He really enjoys the “free” feeling. Nothing like – so he says. Fun for me too.

  4. Not sure why you’re attributing kilts to Seattle, but yeah, add me to the list of admirers.

  5. I’ve seen utilikilts on men at Burning Man and then, back in LA, on a lot of the dudes in the special effects/rigging/grip or whatever field, usually with their pockets stuffed full of power drills and nailguns. I always thought it was super-manly & sexy.

  6. Yeah I’ve seen guys wearing Utilikilts in public before, though not often (then again, I don’t live in the city). I don’t own a Utilikilt, but I have a regular tartan plaid kilt that I wear on occasion. Kilts are cool.

  7. Yup, own one, wear one and looking at getting another one.

    I just happen to really like the way it moves. Of course, I mostly wear it with the beer drinking folk I work with.

  8. I have one…. Camo kilt!

    The only thing I don’t like is that its made of heavy ripstop cotton and is kinda board like. I’ve tried washing it down but it needs to be sent to Denim Doctors for some enzyme treatment!

  9. Everytime I see a sheep wearing trendy shit, I have always had the urge to kick that sheep in the balls. Couldn’t do it with Ugg-wearers since the sheeps have the vajayjays. But this one…is made for steel toes.

  10. I own two, and adore them. By girlfriend, however, pitches a fit every time I threaten to wear one.


    Kindly get a life and get over trying to be the “Uber Cool” outsider.

  12. I think this is the same guy I saw at the getty yesterday. my daughter pointed him out and I had to explain that it wasn’t a dress…oh and it’s rude to point and say loudly “that guy is wearing a dress!”

  13. Thanks for the post frazgo, it reminds me that I haven’t worn my Utilikilt lately. I usually save it for a special occasion, but with the weather so hot and sticky, a kilt sounds really comfy right now.

  14. I have a co-worker that sports a green kilt to work now and then; my colleagues throw a fit for weeks afterwards. Must be the black socks with white tennis shoes that get to them?

  15. westwoodnc,

    I, uh, don’t think you get it. This isn’t an uggs-style fashion trend. It’s been a subculture artist thing for a long time now.

    Kilts will never be trendy.

    But your steel-toes have jumped the shark. They sell those at Hot Topic now for real cheap.

  16. It’s an IT/programmer/digiWebNet thing. Any of youse guys above who are NOT in that industry, confirm otherwise.

    Yeah, I thought so.

  17. bought Mike one 4 years ago at street scene in San
    Diego. I love it when he wears his. They are $$$ but worth every penny

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