OMG! WTF?! Water Falls From Sky!

Hello, Angelenos. I’d like to take this moment to remind you that WHEN IT RAINS YOU NEED TO SLOW THE F**K DOWN ON THE F**KING FREEWAY.
Looky! Water! Water falling from the sky! Landing on the ground!

To the right is photographic confirmation that it is, indeed, raining at 6:21am. Although, I suppose conspiracy-theorists out there could surmise it’s a fake.

It was interesting, though, to even have the rain; but I just got back from schlepping a friend to LAX for an early flight, and all the way there, it was raining. Guess it’s gotten too hot lately and the marine layer is too thick–so you get a little drop in temp and the moisture ends up precipitating.

Slow down, people. I grew up here, never having driven much in inclement weather, and even *I* know that. And yet I enocuntered two spinouts in the 1.3 hours I was on the road. Eeeedeeots.

I bet it’s all you transplanted easterners & midwesterners who think you’re in LA now, you can forget about weather’n’shit.

17 thoughts on “OMG! WTF?! Water Falls From Sky!”

  1. Actually…I’ve been expecting this, the weather groups I watch all said monsoonal moisture would work its way into the basin and voila look what happened. First indication we were going to get rain was last night while eating in Downtown Disney around 6:30 or so there was a sudden heavy sprinkle.
    You are too kind to the idgits on the freeway. You know as well as I do they speed up to find dry pavement.
    And damn it all…you beat me to the post. I just got mine on flckr and flipped here only to find….

  2. “transplanted easterners & midwesterners” .. Are you kidding me? These ‘transplants’ are the only people injected any semblance of sanity on the unique nightmare that is the LA freeway system. Your standard LA troglodyte is the bane of all drivers everywhere, in both wet and dry conditions!!!

  3. Fresh rain on pavement that has not seen it in awhile is especially compromising… all the oils and various drips from automobiles and the rain make for a pretty slick road.

    Another note/plea for Angelenos concerning driving, although being new to the area perhaps I’m the rube… but nevertheless, when making a turn say off of Sunset onto Vine or some such similar high traffic intersection, please have the understanding that if the cars you are turning against are slowing they are likely stopping which means you need not to wait until they are at a complete stand still to make the turn. Thanks

  4. I would tend to agree with Chris: havign been born and raised here, its all the goobers unfamiliar with rain who tend to be reckless…. or (even worse) who SLOW TO A CRAWL on the freeway! no, the transplant tends to understand the happy medium, fast enough to not be annoying, slow enough not to hydroplane.

    4 years of living in rain/snow during college has taught me to avoid freeways altogether and stick to surface streets.

  5. I think it’s a problem with tires. I’ve never seen people drive on balder tires anywhere more than in southern California. Get some new tires and drive a normal speed, there’s no reason to slow down in the rain.

  6. “I bet it’s all you transplanted easterners & midwesterners who think you’re in LA now, you can forget about weather’n’shit.”

    Typical. Myopic. Your headline that compels readers to “SLOW THE F**K DOWN ON THE F**KING FREEWAY” sums it up. SoCal drivers slam on their brakes at the first sign of precipitation, no matter how benign.

    I can imagine that you, while schlepping “all the way” to LAX, were the nincompoop who was puttering along at 35 mph on the 405, causing other more sensible drivers to “spinout” in their attempts to avoid you.

  7. I agree with GTFU, if you have a somewhat modern car with descent tires, there really isn’t any reason to worry about a little rain. It’s when we have to slam on our brakes because some guy is going 34 mph in the left lane, that’s what causes spinouts. At least stay out of the left lane ;-). Thanks!

    Transplant from Seattle,


  8. Funny, nobody’s mentioned the real problem with LA drivers and rain… tailgating!

    I am astonished that drivers of mid-sized trucks weighing over 3 tons (called an “S-U-V” for some reason) feel safe traveling 10 feet behind someone while doing over 80 miles per hour! In the rain! Talk about trusting a perfect stranger with your life!

    When it rains, as we all know, you should allow more stopping distance. LA drivers tailgate when it’s dry, and when it’s wet, they NEVER drop back to allow for the wet road.

    That’s why the “spinouts”, having to react violently to a traffic situation because there no time to react otherwise.

    BTW, I think I’ve used my allowance of exclamation marks for about the next year!!!

  9. Typical. Myopic. Your headline that compels readers to “SLOW THE F**K DOWN ON THE F**KING FREEWAY” sums it up.

    When I’m driving along at 65 mph on the 105, I don’t particularly enjoy seeing someone accelerate up from behind me at about 85 mph in the rain while the road is slick as hell, and then making a last-minute lane change to blast around me.

    I can imagine that you, while schlepping “all the way” to LAX

    You’ll have to excuse me, but it’s a fucking long-ass drive from Canoga Park where I live, to my friend’s place in Silverlake, out to LAX, and then back to the West Valley again. Spare me the condescension.

    were the nincompoop

    Nice ad hominem attack. Classy.

    who was puttering along at 35 mph on the 405, causing other more sensible drivers to “spinout” in their attempts to avoid you.

    Yeah, I always drive 35 on the freeway in the rain. I feel real secure doing that.

    Fuck you and your derisive, insulting attitude.

    If anything, I drive a little fast in general, but I usually try to stick at the speed limit in the rain. I don’t think that makes me a “nincompoop,” but if I was ever to be called a stupid, juvenile name for no good reason–at least that’s an amusing one.

    I have a great idea. How about you come along, the next time I make an airport run? I think it’d be really GRAND to chat with you in person, when you’re not out in the ether of the internet. My e-mail is on this post. Drop me a line, there, Sherm.

  10. Lucinda –

    Let me try to paint the picture…

    Cranky artist chick wakes up real early in the morning in her Canoga Park glass house and treks to Silver Lake to pick up her friend. After the pick-up she makes her way to LAX, deftly avoiding accidents.

    When she gets back to the Valley, she vents her frustration on a blog. While staying classy, she hurls an all caps profanity laced headline at her audience. Then, in an effort to keep things from getting personal, lobs a parting shot at people on the road who are not like her, i.e. native Southern Californians.

    A reader lets her know what he thinks about her blog post, and, amongst other things, she gets offended by the reader’s usage of the word ‘nincompoop.’ (Which was used because it is amusing and shouldn’t be taken too seriously)

    Reader, who can’t figure out where to find her email address, writes in later and informs her that he also had a harrowing journey that morning on the freeway and was perhaps taking it out on our intrepid columnist. For that he apologizes.

  11. I wrote you back personally, silly, from my e-mail account, as soon as I noticed that it posted the bLA link rather than the email.

    here. See? this is my e-mail address.

    Cranky artist chick, absolutely. Headline, nyet. It wasn’t in the headline. It was in the first sentence or two of the post (splitting hairs, fine). And I purposely made it without the full expletives. I dislike cursing too publicly. I’ll do it in the comments, but not on the main post, usually.

    Sorry you had a crappy drive too. I haven’t had the finest last week or so, so I myself must admit culpability for channeling my pissy attitude at you.


    I tend to blame most everything bad in this city on non-locals. It’s a fallacy on my part, but I don’t really care. I am SO tired of people from other parts of the nation hurling groundless insults at Angelenos. I’d like them to understand that most of those shallow, flaky, asinine idiots they critique are actually not from LA. Lots of people in LA aren’t from here. Someone’s gotta get pissed right back at, say, New Yorkers bitching about LA, and…it’s me. So I tend to blame non-locals for everything. An erroneous assumption? Yes indeedy. I choose to embrace my character flaws in this case.

    Sorry, Sherm. Offer for a ride is still open.

  12. Oh for the love of Pete. It’s not posting my e-mail. Fine. I wrote you via email anyway.

  13. Maybe you & Sherman should get married & take a long road trip for your honeymoon.

  14. Geez, people.

    As a transplant, I tend to agree with Lucinda here.

    Locals aren’t unaccustomed to driving in the rain – it does rain here, after all.

    They’re just smart enough to know that because it does rain so infrequently the roads can become as slick as ice from all the oil buildup.

    Transplants get cocky when they see its raining and that everyone is driving slower – they think its because nobody knows how to drive in the rain, try to drive around them, and then crash when they hit a slick.


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