L.A. dogs allowed in Santa Monica dog park… for now

Bill Rosendahl’s Council District 11 blog brings word that after three months of being exclusive to dogs licensed in the city of Santa Monica, a dog park near the border of Mar Vista will now open itself up for any licensed dog:

On July 19, the Santa Monica Recreation and Parks Commission approved opening the Airport Dog Park to ALL licensed dogs and their owners for the next six months. They intend to assess the usage during that period and may reconsider the policy if capacity problems arise. The Commission’s decision is subject to the approval of the Santa Monica City Council at a future meeting, possibly not until September. In the mean time, L.A. residents can use the dog park without penalty, according to Santa Monica’s Director of Community and Cultural Services.

I wrote about this previously, pointing out that none of the City of L.A.’s seven off leash dog parks forbid dogs tagged in Santa Monica, but more importantly pushed Freeplay.org, a group that “has been working to establish off leash dog areas in the Los Angeles area.”

If Santa Monica changes its mind, can we just charge their residents more for parking in the City of Los Angeles? Or should we just boycott Santa Monica altogether?