Hollywood Farmer’s Market Rawks

A week or two ago I went to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market for the first time. I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner!
I positively swooned: I’m a raging foodie, and the cavalcade of honey-wine fruit aromas, the metallic, green tang of cut vegetables, the colors in all their nuanced variety–I’m stunned anew at the lovely abundance of nature, the colors I could never explain in words, the stained-glass texture of a glossy Rainer cherry under my fingers, like a marble lit from within with crimson and gold, a single cherry-tree leaf still clinging to its stem, a perfect still-life unto itself, a signifier for “the force that drives the green fuse”–it left me giddy. The intoxicating smell of ripe honeydew melon, detectable five feet away from the fruits themselves; sweeping spreads of summer fruits, white and yellow necatarines, white and yellow peaches, plums of all sorts glowing with their translucent skins like rubies, pluots and apricots–their season so short, their tangy flavors so irreproduceable–with velvety flesh, sending big slurpy drips of sweet-tart juice down my chin when I tried a sample; bristling heaps of herbs, just harvested, sticky with their own spicy scents; carrots, chard, beets and potatoes all colors, from candy-striped to waxen-white to violet; and people everywhere, most with a bemused smile, as if appreciating, for the first time since they were children, the smell of summertime.

More mouthwatering images behind the jump.

The South Central Farmers had a booth.

Veggie bounty! Yummers!

More with the yum.

A super-cool pumpkin-vine structure, with holders for the pumpkins affixed to the sides, making what’s normally a space-gobbling sprawling vine into a vertical growth, created by Taospaces and artist-engineer Ray Cirino.

A solar cooker, also built by Cirino. While we were there chatting with the artist, the cooler set a potholder on fire. We tried the veggies inside: they were delicious.

My catch for the day. I am so in love.

The composed fruit salad I made from that morning’s booty.

10 thoughts on “Hollywood Farmer’s Market Rawks”

  1. I adore this place. Check out the dude that sells the bread — Bezian — it is the most delicious, incredible stuff, and the dude is totally awesome and will talk your ears off about the chemistry of sourdough. A+++

  2. Oh, you definitely got the food thing down. Your fruit bowl beats mine by 20 percent. If I didn’t have to work I would shop daily at the farmers markets around town. The grocery stores are so lame and majorly depressing. Wish we had something like Pikes market in Seattle and a wall of cheese place like Zabars in NYC. Nice job!

  3. I love this farmers market. I also went there last week for the first time and I was surprised at how big it was. I normally go to the one in silverlake ( which doesn’t compare) You must try the jerk chicken! it’s the best!

  4. I’m so glad I went to the Farmer’s Market today… I gave myself a challenge to only spend $20… which was so hard! I wanted to buy everything! But I still came home with a huge haul. I think the best value of anything I got today would have to be the golden beets that I got for $1.25. I had the vendor keep the tops on, and I just had beet greens for lunch (sooo delish!) and now I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with the beets themselves. It’s melon/berry/stone fruit season right now, so I can’t wait to go back next week.

  5. I go every week to get my produce and for the awesome falafels & lemonade! It’s pretty cheap if you go near the end of the market (but it’s already dirt cheap)

  6. The Farmers Market in Monrovia every Friday from 4-9 in Old Town on Myrtle rocks…always tons of fresh produce and even a few live plants to bring back to grow your own.

  7. The Hollywood Farmers Market is my favorite. The one in Burbank happens when I’m working. The one in Monrovia happens after I’m working, but when I’m wanting to get home at the end of the week. The one in Toluca Lake is too small. The only problem with the Hollywood FM is parking, which I solve by simply getting there early, and restrooms. Great food. Great produce. Great music. And lots and lots of people.

  8. I absolutely love this place. I actually live in New Mexico, but make it a point to go to HFM everytime I am anywhere in the area. (once or twice a year) I bring home 2 coolers for fruit & veggies for me and family & friends. And tons of humus, pitas, and pita chips and other breads.

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