DEA Targets LA Landlords in Letter Writing Campaign

You may have read in theLA Times earlier this week that the DEA has a new weapon in closing down medical marijuana dispensaries. Instead of raiding them and taking the meds of patients and possibly losing the case… or not even getting to prosecute, because it gets thrown out by the DA, the DEA has now sent hundreds of letters to the landlords of the dispensaries. According to a DEA spokesperson, these letters are supposedly just to ‘inform the property owners of the federal seizure laws” and not meant to be threatening. Uhh.. Okay. But according to several collective owners I spoke with, that hasn’t been the case. Most are scrambling to find new places to operate and take care of patients and several have closed their doors in the past week.

It’s weird, every time a city or state votes on medical marijuana or pot laws in general, the majority vote to make it legal to patients and to make marijuana possesion without a medical recommendation the lowest law enforcement priority. Yet, the DEA and several other law enforcement agencies seem not to care about the state laws. I know, I know, Federal Law trumps state law is the thought process. But can’t taxpayer’s money be used for actual crimes? Wouldn’t it be more feasible and a lot more economical since the majority of voters support it, to just legalize pot and tax it? It’s supposedly one of the biggest cash crops in the United States.

Anyway, if you want to influence future legislation on this issue, take a second to write your congressperson regarding the upcoming Hinchey Amendment. You can go to this link and contact your congress person about this issue. If the Hinchey Amendment is passed, it would give patients the protection they need by not allowing funding for raids and harassment on medical marijuana patients. They may be voting on this as early as this next week.

2 thoughts on “DEA Targets LA Landlords in Letter Writing Campaign”

  1. Nice article. When I voted to approve the medical use I knew it would run afoul of the Feds. I hoped that in short order we would have had a successful challenge on states rights but that never happened. I now wonder what took the DEA so long to get around to going after the building owners.

    Taxation? I thought for the medical use a sales tax was collected when purchased through the retail outlets. If you are talking vice tax for recreational use then that would be a different issue and hard to get past the majority of voters.

  2. Actually, I was more talking about taxing ALL marijuana sales. My reasoning is, if it were all legal, it would be easy to tax. And, yes, I think, but am not sure, that medical marijuana sales are taxed.

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