Why Traffic in Far East LA is sucking harder than usual

605rollover.jpg Whenever there’s a flush of traffic on Foothill Boulevard during the day something sucky happened on the 210 Freeway. For those in the area whose business requires them to be on the freeway it makes a mess of their day.

Courtesy of my friend Shane Nichols, owner of Lady Luck Limo who spends a lot of time out there does see too much of the messes real time, are the photos from todays messes.

First and the biggy affecting traffic was a truck roll over on the southbound side of the 605 just south of the 210 Interchange. Note there’s even a passerby bringing a blanket for the driver in that mess. This is going to snarl traffic for anyone trying to head east for the next few hours.

60%20carfire.jpg For added fun and excitement to snarl things was this car fire on the 60 near the 605 freeway. Aye aye aye…and its still early Friday. Imagine what the afternoon commute will bring. And damn it all I have to head down behind the Orange Curtain later, better make my offerings to the commute gawds now!

3 thoughts on “Why Traffic in Far East LA is sucking harder than usual”

  1. Very cool shots.

    And wanna know the best thing about them? That’s NOT my sideview mirror in the shot!

  2. Today was my lucky day. My afternoon drive to Los Angeles starts at noon from San Dimas Ave. and the 210 Freeway, to the 605, and then the 60 Freeway. If I would have driven my normal course today, there’s a good chance I would have been late to work.

    After dropping my daughter off at Baranca and the 10 Freeway, I headed to Los Angeles, and the 10 Freeway always backs up before reaching the 605. Does anyone know why this happens on the Westbound 10 everyday?

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