Sweatin’ Bullets: Get Yer Metblogs Shirt Here!

Really, I just wanted an excuse to post this photo of the gorgeous Miss604, aka Rebecca Bollwitt of Metroblogging Vancouver. But if you’d like to design and buy your own shirt to rep your favorite city blog, click here.

Pico and the Man. Greatest name for an LA blog ever? You decide.

KNBC4 NewsRaw is currently featuring a Harry Potter parody called “Potter in the Hood” made by local film guys Omovies.com.

Kevin Smith, that director guy with an attachment to pillow pants, hosted a gallery opening of art work based largely on his films… he’s got pics up at his MySpace blog.

“Aaron Procter for Mayor of Pasadena” recently moved to St. Louis, but he’s still showing Los Angeles area blogs some love… specifically, with his Blogger Death Match: The Tournament. Among the contenders are Eye Level Pasadena, West Coast Grrlie Blather, Foothill Cities. But where’s LA Observed vs. Mayor Sam’s Sister City? LAist vs. Metroblogging Los Angeles? Maybe we’re just lovers, not fighters.

Want to relive your glory days of playing high school basketball? Adam Rose at LAist has the deets on the L.A. High School Alumni Basketball Tournament, beginning in late August. “Anybody who is a local alumni — regardless of whether they actually played basketball in school — is invited to participate.”

Since when is anyone excited about the opening of a Ralphs supermarket? Apparently those crazy downtowners. Eric Richardson at BlogDowntown covers the whole she-bang, an event important enough to even bring out Mayor V.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Jeffery – and for the mention, David! ;)

    This is my official gym shirt. Can’t wear t-shirts out right now, unless they’re waterproof :(

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