SGV Crime Blog for us in Far East LA…

CRIME-SCENEjpg.jpg Welcome Crime Scene Blog as the newest blog devoted to happenings here in the SGV. This won’t be some fairy tale life is grand blog, but a useful tool for those of us living out here who want to be aware of crime and crime patterns in our neighborhoods. This blog promises to provide information for anyone interested in knowing what is happening in order to better protect themselves. In their own words from the current banner: “Crime scene puts you behind the yellow tape with takes on true crime, cold cases and more. This is also your forum to discuss crime, its impact on your neighborhood and how we cover it”.

Crime Scene Blog launched with little fan fare but with a nice collection this last week and already is getting the attention of us scouring the web for news in our communities. The blog has been started by Frank Girardot who is out here in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Crime Scene blog is a fresh start up but will be more than just a cryptic police blotter. In Frank’s words, “My intent is to incorporate a few elements into the blog. One of them is blotters. Still working on the logistics of that. Another plan (goal) is to use the space to update crimes thatmay not always get updated in print or even in our breaking news section”.

The blog roll is still very new and only a few cities are currently listed in the “categories” and “blogroll” sections. In time all SGV cities will be included in this constantly updated blog of criminal activity.

(Banner pic provided by Frank Girardot owner of Crime Scene Blog)

6 thoughts on “SGV Crime Blog for us in Far East LA…”

  1. Umm…ok teck you might want to visit their website and just let Frank know your thoughts on the contact link.

  2. This is a really good idea. Having grown up in the SGV (Hacienda Heights, thank you), I know how spread apart all those cities are, yet they’re all grouped together under “San Gabriel Valley.”

    What I don’t really understand is…how LA County doesn’t have a centralized crime blotter website the way OC does. I realize that a good chunk of LA County’s cities have their own police department’s, but can you imagine how much easier it would be to keep up if LASD had something similar?

  3. El Chavo you always make me laugh. Am about keeping LA together not the divisive which part is better. Besides if I do that whole sgv pride thingy then I bring about the eruption with the other valley’s around here about which is better.

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