Outfest report, part two

There are only a few more days left of Outfest, and having been to the screening of Shelter at the Ford Amphitheater Wednesday night, I’m putting in another pitch for the festival. The Ford was sold out, and what a fun and fashion forward crowd it was. As a straight woman my first thought was, “No wonder it’s so hard to get a decent date in this town.” My second thought was, “No line for the women’s room. Woohoo!” Anyway, there are still plenty of great films on the program including the BUTT shorts and the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. How can you resist?

And I did promise a “ballsy” report from my roommate S, so I’ll give you a brief one after the jump.

The other night at the bear afterparty at the Faultline, S was approached by two guys, who proceeded to engage him in a conversation, which moved quickly from the reasonably innocuous, to questions murmured while Guy One and Guy Two caressed S in a progressively more intimate manner. Let’s just say the caresses were titillating and the conversation was ballsy.

Guys: So do you want to be in a movie?
S: I don’t think so.
Guys: Well do you want to watch a movie?
And so on.

If you’re a single guy who likes guys, you owe it to yourself to go watch a movie this weekend. You might just meet your future husband. Or something.

Update/Clarification: I realized upon posting this that I’ve overlooked the ladies. I just happened to go to a surfer dude movie where the crowd was 98% gent. I’m sure the gender balance will be turned upside down at a screening such as Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

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