22nd Annual Betty Boop Festival, Sat and Sun!


Has anyone else noticed the cult of Betty Boop? I mostly see it afflicting middle aged suburban Latina women, usually because I’m behind them on the freeway or sometimes in office environments. I bet some of you cubicle dwellers know of that one lady that collects all kinds of Betty Boop crap. Well if you want to start your own collection, here’s a special event just for you! I noticed in the Northeast Sun (a local free paper) community calendar that the 22nd Annual Betty Boop Festival will be taking place this weekend in Montebello (oh, that’s so perfect!) and it will include Betty Bingo, a “Special Guest Speaker”, Betty Swap Meet, and even a guest appraiser. And if you go to BettyBoop.com you can even see a nifty flyer for the event! This little cartoon character just makes me cringe but I’m intrigued to see that Betty Swap Meet, maybe I’ll work up the courage.
Event info and one more pic after the jump.


I bought this as a joke t-shirt for a friend, she didn’t think it was very funny! I wonder how much it’s gone up in value? Only one way to find out. Boop-oop-a-doop!

All happening Sat-Sun July 21-22 from 10am-2pm at:

Heavenly Choice
534 N. Montebello Blvd.
in Montebello.


6 thoughts on “22nd Annual Betty Boop Festival, Sat and Sun!”

  1. Great. Now the rest of the day I’m going have fantasies about nailing a Betty Boop look-a-like. I’d better stay away from the convention.

  2. 22nd annual….and this is the first we are hearing of it? I don’t know which is scarier; a) you found it or; b)its been around that long.

  3. When the Tweedy-Bird cult and the Betty Boop cult combine forces, we will all have some reckoning to do…

  4. Thats some funny shit about suburban Latinas and Betty Boop, we need more witty smartass Latinos busting some serious social commentary on our community. The swapmeet sticker placed in the center of the Yukon back window is always a treat when you’re getting cut off on the 10 at Rosemead by a manicured pudgy littel fat dark hand.

    What is the origin of the semi-american Betty Boop obsession? Is it connected to the cholo obsession with racist 50s cartoons, or just a marker of mama y papa being too busy to pull you away from TV as a kid? Either way, we got to pull away from this “we’re american now” fetish in latino america. Back in 55′ it was great for abuelo to get a TV and have tons of meat/lard in every meal, you know it made us feel like we werent campesinos no more, but that shit is killing us nowadays.

    I swear Im gonna stab some blubber the next time I count 10 obese children in EastLos, and i fear this too is connected to Betty Boop love.

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