The Valley of the Malls

Because, god knows, two malls within a quarter mile radius is not enough, Westfields has announced plans for a ginormous (3.8 million square foot) shopping “village” in Woodland Hills that would connect the Topanga and Promenade malls. Along with the stores and restaurants, the “village” would include apartments, condos, a hotel, and a senior center with “a space big enough for community meetings.” Apparently there are similar plans for Northridge Mall, which as of this morning is sporting big giant signs heralding the “lifestyle village” that is to replace the unsightly orange grove on Nordhoff Street. Can someone please tell me: WTF is a “lifestyle village”? I picture something like Logan’s Run only with shoe stores.

The Times article closes with this lovely bit:
Stephanie Collier, 22, of Calabasas, who sat outside the mall eating a frozen yogurt, said she welcomed the idea.

“I’m excited,” she said. “It’s easier to go to one place to do all your shopping.”

Can you hear me sighing over here? I try to defend the Valley, but it gets harder and harder all the time. A shopping mall does not constitute public space, people. I only pray that someone cares enough to poison my geritol if I ever end up at a senior center smack dab in the middle of a shopping “village.”

7 thoughts on “The Valley of the Malls”

  1. Yikes…I left that area more years ago than I care to admit because the Warner Center traffic was making life miserable. I even sneak in through the 118 to avoid that mess when I visit family in West Hills. But WHAT THE HELL are they thinking linking those two malls together will do to traffic and the general quality of life in that area. Amazing. Doesn’t anyone question Westfield the way Walmart kept under a microscope?

  2. It’s so not just the valley, though. I’m sorry, but when “The Grove” is a “destination” for you and your date, and or you and your friends, or you and your family…something is sadly off.

  3. No shit Helen, that’s why I live my little Old Town Myrtle Avenue, even Glendora has a nice quaint old main street that has stuff to do that is not all mally and smarmy.

  4. I only go to the Grove when I need to park for the Farmers Market. Though the Grove has made that a much less pleasant experience.

  5. Hold everything, the light bulb just went on. This project is nearly an exact copy of that Caruso has proposed for Arcadia on the race track next to the Arcadia Mall. Guess what they oppose that one as it will add congestion…actually its the other “c” word they are worried about, competition as they own the mall that the Caruso plan will be next door to.

  6. Councilman Dennis Zine keeps pushing through huge projects like this in his district, and getting away with it — just recently approved a 2,000 unit condo on the last green space around Warner Center, and a total unknown tried to recall him for it last election, but didn’t have the money, although no one wanted that mall. Now, another huge one…

    Sneaky old baldie. Recall his leather-motorycle outfit butt!!!

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