Sweatin’ Bullets: JJ Abrams Army Defends L.A. from Alien Menace

Photo by Steven Meiers aka toastycakes used under Creative Commons

This Justin was warned last week about an “army firefight” that would be causing a ruckus at the Paramount lot across the street. Film title? “‘Cloverfield’ a.k.a. The Super Secret Untitled J.J. Abrams Project”.

New Yorkers may pretend to hate us, but Europeans are unashamed to love Los Angeles. Andrew at “Here In Van Nuys” tells us why.

Its common knowledge that smoking is bad for you, but did you know that “guns in the home are much more likely to kill or injure a household member than to protect against an attacker”? Well, you will next time you go to an LA gun store, thanks to Councilman Bernard Parks. Read more at Mayor Sam.

Clearly, if you work for and around the Suicide Girls you don’t need your computer to look at naked chicks – freeing it up to fight crime. One male staffer (cuckolds in training?) set up a web cam in his apartment and watched from work as a cat burglar pilfered his doodads, looted his fridge, and got collared by the fuzz.

Mike at Franklin Ave. reproves that old saying that if you have nothing else to blog about, a 99cent Store photo essay always makes for a great post. (was it Henry Miller or Kerouac who coined that?)

MetroRider LA’s Fred Camino discovers some bus passengers who’ve had to resort to bring their own chairs to wait for the bus.