LAist’s Neighborhood Project

Our arch-enemies over at LAist have launched a series called “The Neighborhood Project” – an “attempt to do a post about every neighborhood in Los Angeles based on LA City Nerd’s 172 known designated communities.”

While admittedly not definitive, each of their first five entries are well rounded, a little tongue cheek, and definitely educational. Each also features a handful of original photos taken by the writers.

Its not clear if they intend on doing a single post for each individual neighborhood (neighborhoods like Little Armenia and the NoHo Arts District are singled out, while all of Burbank is covered in one post), this is the sort of epic endeavor that proves city bloggers are more in touch with their communities than our Los Angeles Times.

Best of luck to the ists on completing this enyclopedic project – put me down for a pre-order of the future coffee table book!

…postcard image swiped from hungry i… neighborhoods covered as of this writing are Little Armenia, Burbank, West Adams, NoHo Arts District, and Silver Lake

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  1. As part of the volunteer photographer brigade for the L.A. City Nerd’s desiginated communities project I think it’s awesome what LAist is doing. That No-Ho post was awesome.

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