Rasputina ticket give away–El Rey July 21

Well, it appears Rasputina fans are too bashful to shake their money makers for a ticket giveaway. In fact, the only interested response to last week’s post came from Ken Quattara a fan who might have been willing to do a pole dance but was presently preoccupied trying to get his dead father’s 7.5 million dollar fortune out of the Ivory Coast.

So…let’s try a trivia quiz. The first two readers to answer correctly–send an email to [email protected]–each get a pair of Rasputina tickets–this Saturday at the El Rey. First question: What 1990 movie features Melora Creager in a cameo role? And second, what song did she play in that movie? So email me. Do it right now. And if you can muster up a pole dance, you’ll still trump the trivia masters.

3 thoughts on “Rasputina ticket give away–El Rey July 21”

  1. Oh Travy-Trav, they’ll never get it! You’re like that Physics professor teasing us with a grade boost by proving E=MC¬≤. Such a meany! :-)

  2. THE MOVIE WAS ____, THE SONG ____! [Comment edited by Travis so as to keep the answers unknown.]

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