Prepping for Pottermania

Am I the only Potterhead that’s feeling a little let down by the scale of the celebrations surrounding the impending release of the penultimate volume of the series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows? If I recall correctly, there were all kinds of crazy events relating to the release of book six, including several cites that built real-life replicas of Diagon Alley. With this release, I haven’t seen plans for anything aside from JK Rowling’s midnight reading/signing in London, and the requisite late night releases at big chain stores in malls all over the country. I was really hoping to find something big and fun to do on Friday night, but so far the only party I’ve been able to dig up is the midnight release at Barnes & Noble at The Grove. Given that the Harry Potter Los Angeles community is heading over there, I’m guessing it’s the place to be, but that’s kind of a bummer. At the very least, I’d rather give my hard saved Hallows money to a local book slinger. Anybody know of other Potter release parties that might be worth checking out?

Addendum 1: Just discovered that Scholastic has a Potter Party Finder that might be useful for some people. Most of the L.A. events it lists are at Borders or, strangely, Kmart, but it did include Skylight so I guess that’s where I’m going.

Addendum 2: Hmmm…looks like it may be the heavy hand of Warner Bros. that’s raining on the party parade.

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  1. We;ll be heading to Vromans books at the Hasting’s Center in Pasadena for our copy. Things are kinda tame for this release so no events in my ‘hood that have been given any publicity.

  2. Children’s Book World on Pico is having a magician and invites you to wear pajamas!

  3. Gridskipper had a piece on HP LA events, but I don’t remember anything special about release parties. (Though they did mention that JKR is doing a reading in October.)

  4. I have no kids and I’m getting my book delivered on the day from Amazon and am doing media blackout until I’ve finished it.

    But I look forward to seeing photos of these events when I’ve cried my last tear and closed the book.

  5. Duh. I’m a moron. Would you believe I typed that, looked at it and thought I needed to double check it, and promptly forgot and posted it anyway? Thanks for the correction.

  6. I think the lack of my parties might be related to the fear of spoilers. Apparently, while people were waiting in line for book 6, someone yelled out the ending to the whole crowd. I read last week 1 in 5 readers say the first thing they’ll do is skip to the end.
    As for myself, I’m going to try and avoid the internet and other media this weekend, just in case.

  7. Spoiler Alert: At the end of the book, Hogwarts is purchased by Rick Caruso and converted into a giant, homeless free “shopping experience” complete with a Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, Pinkberry, American Girl, and a number of clothing stores that aren’t worth mentioning because, frankly, you can’t even afford the catalog.

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