Felix Chevrolet Sign Now Historic Landmark

The Neon Festooned Sign at Figueroa and Jefferson Boulevard is now officially a Historic Landmark. The sign will be fifty years old next year; earthquakes, fires, recession and riots have left the grinning cat intact.

Winslow Felix adopted the popular cartoon cat’s image in 1922. He was a friend of Pat Sullivan, owner of the studio that produced the famous cat and and his much lauded bag of tricks. Nick Sullivan built the sign when he moved the dealership to its present local in 1958.

There it remains, selling Cadillacs as well as Chevys now, despite the efforts of those who think the signs presence thwarts growth in the area. The new landmark status does not permanently block the sign being removed, but it makes it harder to do so.

Someone has already offered to move it to a museum. Thoughts? Should he stay or should he go? C’mon and let us know…

L.A. Times article here.

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