Next IAAL•MAF Spinvitational Rolls Sunday

I’ve posted it up on the various bike-related websites around the way, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t pimp the next in a series of all-are-welcome IAAL‚Ä¢MAF invitational bike rides — this one being No. 5.0 and duly dubbed the “Serenity Now: An L.A. River ODDysey” ride, and scheduled for July 22 at noon.

This one’s designed with everyone in mind: young, old, shy, bold. It’s an easy-going riverside course at a laid-back pace that will not only allow for maximum ride enjoyment but also aims to explorationally enlighten as to the variety of art, wildlife and history of our concrete-encased waterworld.

To better serve the diversity of cyclists there will be two — count ’em: two — start points for this ride. The first will be at the Travel Town Rail Museum in Griffith Park (map) where there is ample free parking. We will depart from there at 12:30 p.m. For those who wish for a shorter excursion, the second start point will be at Crystal Street and Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village (map), where it is estimated the group from the first start point will be arriving at approximately 1 p.m. From there our destination is River Garden Park at the L.A. River Center & Gardens, the turn-around point where we’ll relax and take in the surroundings before returning from whence we came.

The there-and-back distance from the first start to finish is 17.8 miles. The distance from the second start and back is about 8 miles. Here’s the overall route. Hope you can make it out.

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