MMMM…entrails for brekkie, Hawk update

Sunday morning while gardening all 4 of the Hawks put on quite the show. Perched in the usual tree next door then flew off in unision to the yard behind me. In the time it took me to grab the camera they were returning to their nesting perch. One had something in its foot we could not readily identify.

Eventually we got strong enough binoculars out and discovered that it appeared to be a rodent head of some sort. The hawk was one of the smaller ones and had trouble locking down on the branch and eating at first. Eventually it was able to balance and eat at the same time. Quite the feast of fleshy bits and entrails. Our best guess based on evidence found is that it was devouring a gopher head as the body was found in the neighbors yard shortly after the attack. That carcus was carted off by another hawk to points unknown.

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  1. We’re also one of the lucky few who have a Hawk nest nearby. In our case it’s directly above our porch. And despite perpetually cleaning giant droppings off the walkway, and animal parts out of the grass, they are amazing to watch. Thanks for the the post!

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