Don’t Feed This Cat

Hanging outside my apartment this afternoon:


“Please DO NOT FEED my kitty,” it reads. “If you are feeding stray cats, please kindly make sure mine does not get fed. It keeps her from coming in at night and puts her in harms way.”

I was also told part of the reason the owner doesn’t want their “sweetheart” being fed by strangers is that it’s on a prescribed diet.

I should also point out – whoever posted this sign lives up the street. They’ve been asking the entire neighborhood to not feed this one cat.

Reader reaction?

16 thoughts on “Don’t Feed This Cat”

  1. I would post a sign to that sign advising the animal’s guardian to quit blaming the village and take full responsibility for the cat’s health and well being by keeping it indoors — especially if it’s on a prescription diet.

  2. Was this on griffith park blvd near Fountain? This looks like a cat that frequently hangs out in my yard (there’s no fence between the two properties next to mine, she roams the whole area). This is also a cat I’ve called the owner about on numerous occasions to come and get since she was a kitten. She’s very sweet and will literally follow you directly in to your house/car/down the street. There are coyotes, hawks, raccoons, possums, squirrels in my yard. I think more of the issue is that he does not keep this very curious cat indoors, I think it’s only a matter of time before something horrible happens.

  3. Unless this pet owner is an expert-genius in reverse psychology and hopes to get a few free Fancy Feasts out of the kindness of others, by posting this sign, all they’ve made me want to do is feed a cat I would have otherwise ignored until it explodes like South Park Kenny on antacid tablets.

  4. If it’s putting the cat in harm’s way, then perhaps the owner should make sure the cat isn’t cruising the neighborhood unabated. She can’t expect everyone else to take responsibility for its diet. Even if they heed her note, the cat could be rummaging through the garbage.

  5. It asks you not to feed the cat, but says nothing about whether you may eat the cat.

  6. I dare you to make a sign and post it (in fact, let me know, I’ll join you):

    Please don’t let your Sweetheart wander the streets! Thank you!

    Please DO NOT let your kitty roam the streets. If you are letting your cat roam the streets, please kindly get a clue. It keeps your kitty from coming home at night and puts her at
    risk for contracting deadly diseases including FIV and FLV, getting hit by a car, ingesting poisonous substances or being dinner for a larger animal. Thank you!

  7. Interesting–these are not the comments I was expecting, but maybe it’s different with dogs, who generally are not left unattended out in public (unless they belong to my neighbor up the street, who thinks it’s funny(?) to leave her exceptionally intimidating, somewhat moody, *rescued* pit bull loose out in the front yard). I always hate it when people feed my dog without asking when I’m out with him. I’ve had complete strangers approach out of nowhere with a fistful of Pioneer Chicken and empty it into my dog’s throat. WTF? So yeah, I suppose it’s different with outdoor cats (who for some reason people loooove to leave nasty, fly-attracting food out in the street for), but at least in terms of other people’s (read: mine) dogs, don’t feed ’em without asking, unless you want to clean up their puke.

  8. Hot dang…all this over a stupid house cat. Operative word is “house” keep it there if it has special needs lawdy knows what it will catch roaming the streets besides friendly treats.

  9. I saw that sign yesterday and was tempted to take it, scan it and make a new one with instructions opposite the originals intent.

    Sadly, I am quite lazy with my pranks these days.

  10. Cats on prescribed diets need to be kept inside. They’re hunters. They *will* eat things outside of their diet if they are outside. Whoever posted this sign has some foolish expectations.

  11. If I saw this sign, I would say “Oh okay, I won’t feed the cat if I notice it’s this one”. Nothing wrong with just being a friendly neighbor.

  12. You should not feed other peoples animals, period! By feeding someone’s cat, you may be encouraging it to stay outdoors and making it more difficult for the owners to keep it in at night. Unlike a dog, a cat cannot adequately defend itself from night roaming wildlife such as foxes, coyotes, packs of raccoons etc. and disassociate itself from its home. in the evening. This cat may not need a special diet and its owner just wants to keep it safe.

    It sounds like some of these animal owners are feline haters. Just when did a cat damage your property? Never. How many cat turds (outside of sandboxes, which appear as litter boxes to cats)have you found in your yard? None. I once had a small siamese cat that began to stay away from home more and more. She stopped coming home every hour or two and started coming home only once or twice a day. We had to try and stop her from running for the door many times every evening. She even once came home with a pink collar on. One night she escaped and we never saw her again. For days we scoured the neighborhood and we made flyers and distributed them.
    Two years later we were contacted by a vet 60 miles away. he said that he had a siamese cat implanted with an ID with a “chip” registered to us and which had been reported lost. It was our girl cat. The vet would not tell us his name, and said that he would contact “the owners” and the local animal control officer. We were able to use caller id and find out his practice’s name, but when we called every one acted like we were idiots. When we went there we went with the police. We found out how our cat got to this town. One of our neighbors had “stolen” her and given her to her widowed mother.
    So the dangers are from animals and people. By the way Feline-haters – Keep your dog inside…oh yeah that’s different! RIGHT

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