Rocking In The Free(ish) World

newlogo2.gifToday’s the day those wacky royalty rules were supposed to go into effect, where the government officially recognizes internet radio as a threat to the corporate manufacturing and dissemination of information. A last-minute bill has granted a brief reprieve, but things still look pretty grim. It’s unclear exactly what this means for our local webstations like or little radio, but in the meantime, you can help keep alive by dropping by Lost Souls Cafe tonight for an acoustic benefit concert.

Tonight’s bill includes Robert Popa, VJ, Blackbird, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Spacekitti, and Cosio. All of these artists have submitted and been played on Hear Here, the all-submission show, Mondays 2p-4p. (More info here.)

Cosio has also been a guest on “…IS GOOD” and they’re seriously an act worth seeing live. Suggested donation is only $5 – and you get 6 bands. Lost Souls Cafe is located at 124 W. 4th St. in downtown LA, across the street from Bar 107, down inside the lil’ alley there, and is a fanf*ckingtastic coffeehouse, if you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet. The show is from 6p-10p.

So it all breaks down like this: bands submit to Killradio, bands get airplay, bands perform at their benefit show, they pay the rent, they stay online (no thanks to the Feds), bands continue to submit to Killradio, bands continue to get airplay. Oooo, how dreadful. Truly a threat to our great nation’s dissemination of information. Yes, I can totally see why netradio should be shut down.