Ready Oar Not

I’m gonna walk out on a plank here and say with absolute confidence that the team is going to finish every dang one of the Lotus Festival dragon boat races it starts out on Echo Park Lake this afternoon. So if you happen to be in attendance and/or want to see a whole lotta fun-loving heart coupled to an inversely proportional amount of rowing skill then be there to cheeer on a bunch of bloggers when we launch into our first-round of competition at 1:15 p.m. against the paddle boat-hating Department of Park & Rec’s team.

9 thoughts on “Ready Oar Not”

  1. Good luck! I probably shouldn’t mention this but did you know that one of your bloggers was once a national champion at rowing? I won’t say her name but her initials are Julia Frey. Please don’t say where you got this from.

  2. Go get ’em Metrobloggers! We rowed a 6:17 time yesterday, which I hope wins us back the crown for elected officials from Xavier Becerra, our much-beloved Congressman who helped us fund the boathouse restoration, so we threw him the race last year :)

    I’ll be sending good vibes your way in the next ten minutes!

  3. Mr. Footcream is a bit too over enthusiastic with his “facts.”

    Have a GREAT afternoon and best of luck!

  4. I wish I could have been there. I’ve got a hell of a lot of fun loving heart and no rowing abilities whatsoever. Alas, I could not attend… Anyway, I trust it was great and I hope someone will post a report.

  5. We kicked arse….other team was lighter and displaced less water, however wisdom and brute strength ruled. Even with a midcourse error we still kicked their proverbial butts but a good 3 boat lengths. A stiff headwind was a problem for the outward bound portion which affected our overall time of 8:17. Still, WE rocked.

  6. i stuck around to watch KTLA beat us with a time of 6:59. oh well, there’s always next year for us to re-claim our title in the “media” category. and the 2nd place trophy ain’t too shabby.

    all the participants did a great job. we row, we blog, we rock!

  7. Gads…how will we ever live down losing to TV? Still in all we kicked our immediate opponents butt in the race across the lake so we still looked good.

  8. Next year, I want full nautical charts. No one told us about the icebergs, nor the whirlpool out near the turn marker. Bloody giant squid!

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