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Donuts and Chinese Food? Kinda common. Hair Styling and Income Taxes? Perfectly reasonable. Indian, Mexican, and Salvadorean food under one roof? That’s the first time I’ve heard of it! Next to the Monrovia Kirkorian Theater and (sort of inside it as well) there’s been a small Indian restaurant that never looked very busy (I once saw an employee sleeping/hiding on the seats of a corner table), which might have lead to this new change of ownership. I found it online and Ice Spice has a 12mb pdf menu that really does have info on the three seemingly disparate cuisines. Someone needs to review this place, someone better qualified for the task. I hope they make it as I’d like to see how Indo-Mex-Sal fusion develops. Al pastor samosas covered in curtido? Platano paneer mole? Tacos de loroco and dahl? You know you want it. Only in LA. Err, I mean, Monrovia.

If it doesn’t yet exist, someone needs to start up a website for all the different store-restaurant-service combinations out there, you know LA would feature heavily!

(BTW, the Kirkorian replaced their old but hilarious pre-feature self-promo with that annoying but catchy tune which included clips from Superman, Pretty Woman, and Ace Ventura for something new with clips from this century. BOOO! HISSS!)

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  1. Dude you were in my ‘hood and didn’t say Hi! I’m crushed. So far word on the street around here is that its not going to work, service, food isn’t that good. Haven’t worked up the energy to divert myself in there as we are the Rudy’s and Jakes fan in my household.

  2. I might have to give this a try for lunch on Monday. Personally, for pupusas I still haven’t found a place that beats El Salvadoreno on Huntington at Buena Vista. As for Rudy’s, I’ve had too many instances of indifferent service there. If I want that, I’ll just go across the street to Wangs.

  3. Wow…Rudy’s and bad service? In 14 years that has never been my experience even when the place was packed.

  4. By “Indian,” do they mean “Native Central American” rather than “from India”? In which case, it’s a restaurant dedicated to Central American cuisine.

  5. Frazgo,
    I looked for you in the model train store, but didn’t see you. I assume that must be your hangout! ;)

    If you do try it, please let us know how it goes.

    It’s Indian from India.

  6. Frazgo, it’s not bad service at Rudy’s, just indifferent. It’s as if they could care less I was there. I’d ask about their specials and the waiter would have me go out to the entrance so I could read them myself. That sorta thing. It’s been a year or two since I went, so maybe I’ll give them another try. But first it’ll be the IndioAztecaMayan place.

  7. El Chavo the train store left a while ago and it was never a hangout. If you want to see where I am hanging check the gallery’s in town.

  8. 23rd cafe – just north of the USC campus on portland and 23rd street i believe…they have indian food, burgers, pupusas and tacos, all under one roof..

  9. Well, I didn’t make it to Ice Spice, but decided at the last minute to walk the extra block to Rudy’s, since I had a serious lengua jones and wanted to see if they could redeem themselves.

    Indeed they did. I spent about five bucks more than I intended, but that said, it was all good. The service was spot-on and the atmosphere was wonderful. I left fully sated. Frazgo, they owe you free dinners for life.

    But now I am ready for those al pastor samosas with curtido.

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