Real Time Traffic update for cheapskates @ 19.99!

trafficgauge.jpg Cruising Costco in Azusa on my weekly load up of supplies I spotted this little gizmo tucked away in a corner. Its’ the Traffic Gauge mobile traffic alert system. With a suggested retail of $80 the Costco price is quite the deal!

They even have a nifty desktop or cell phone companion that’s downloadable. Trafficgauge according to their official web site is tied into the whole caltrans RIITS so your data is accurate to within a few minutes.

The graphics aren’t perfect and don’t drill down to the smallest of segments that you can get via your desktop. The graphics are workable and if you are the kind who likes to spend his technology money on the really big toys this may be your ticket. What the hell…if its stolen out of your car at least you aren’t out a chunk of money like you would be with a nifty GPS unit that tracks the traffic and places you with pinpoint accuracy.
(Rub your mousing to make the snap bigger if you need to)

11 thoughts on “Real Time Traffic update for cheapskates @ 19.99!”

  1. Frazgo,

    This traffic device would have come in handy yesterday as I headed WB on the 210 Freeway, which came to a complete stop at noon from the 57 interchange to Grand Ave. Took it for granted a terrible accident had taken place ahead of me as I watched the time slip away. I was frustrated to see the flow of cars slowed to a stop watching the street sweepers cleaning the side of the freeway.

  2. Hey Edward the 210 blows, got worse when it connected to the 15 and will get worse when it makes it all the way around the 215 and S’bdoo.
    That particular interchange is usually pretty bad more often than not. I avoid the 210 in general and use surface streets, faster and less stressful.

  3. Many newer cell phones can use Google maps mobile for free. It also includes free traffic for the freeways here in LA, in addition to the standard maps, directions, and aerial photos.

    It’s a free download, put the following address into your cell phone’s web browser.

  4. Helio Ocean has free Google maps – with traffic – as does the Sony Ericsson P990. I suspect all blackberries and trios do it too. And of course now the iPhone (maybe).

  5. So far, the Google traffic map on my iphone is my 3rd most used feature. (Just behind, phone and email…)

    BTW Costco blows! That’s why I hate shopping there almost every week too.

  6. Helio etc., are NOT the toys of cheapskates which is why this toy would probably appeal to them. Costco…with the executive membership the extra hours shopping without the masses makes it somewhat easier to handle.

  7. Just fyi, there is a monthy service charge associated with this little gadget. I just found that out after buying two of them. I think I’ll be returning them to Costco, and going back to google and knx.

  8. Unfortunately Traffic Gauge only does Los Angeles. You won’t get the 57 or the 210.

  9. The model I saw at Costco and on the web shows LA and OC freeways…the 57 is among the ones I use during my journeys to see family in Tustin.

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