Traffic Laws… Guess They Just Don’t Apply If You’re the Law!!

One more nail in the coffin for living a life of liberty in the good old USA. The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) has installed an automated camera at the stop sign on Franklin Canyon and Mulholland Drive to catch drivers who do ‘California stops’ or ‘rolling stops’ without coming to a full stop; i.e. no forward motion at a stop sign. They are throwing one up in Topanga as well. On this past Monday, July 9th, they started handing out $100 tickets. They hired the Austrailian firm Redflex, who co-incidently makes the device, to operate these in return for a $20 cut of every ticket they issue. Nice, so not only are we lining the MRCA’s pockets, we’re paying a foreign firm to profit from it.
This is a first for the United States as never before has a stop sign with photo capabilities been erected. Why?
BECAUSE IT”S AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!!! California law explicitly prohibits both speed cameras and per-ticket photo enforcement contract provisions, but the MRCA believes the law does not apply to them.

In 2000 our California legislature banned photo radar. They clarified that although it authorized the use of photo ticketing at traffic signals, the legislature, “does not authorize the use of photo radar for speed enforcement purposes by any jurisdiction.” (CVC 21455.6) Another provision specifies that, “A contract between a governmental agency and a manufacturer or supplier of automated enforcement equipment may not include provision for the payment or compensation to the manufacturer or supplier based on the number of citations generated.” (CVC 21455.5)

So what gives? Why does the Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority believe they can ignore the law? And by the way, that means tromping all over our rights. Their comment…. “Our Park Rangers are California peace officers and will always have traffic enforcement as part of their duty,” MRCA Director of Public Affairs Dash Stolarz said in a June statement. Hmmm. So, Bush isn’t the only one who gets to pull executive rank when he doesn’t want to follow the laws or the Constitution.
Oh, I get it, we the people elect legislatures who vote for laws we want to live by, but if you work for the government, you don’t have to follow the rules or the law. Hmmmm. That sure doesn’t sound like a Democracy to me.
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5 thoughts on “Traffic Laws… Guess They Just Don’t Apply If You’re the Law!!”

  1. hmmmm….I read the article too and my guess on the loophole is that its no different than a camera to catch people running red lights which is legal. Unless they are claiming not to be a government agency I don’t understand why they entered into a contract with kickbacks to the manufacturer.

    I can’t wait for the first court challenge on this one.

  2. Tammara,

    You have put together a very informative article, especially with the California Vehicle Code that one can view if need be.

    I have two problems with this tactic; it’s just another way of bringing in taxation in the form of a citation, where will the money go when the fines are paid?

    Why are we outsourcing twenty percent to an Australian company, instead of keeping the money in the States?

  3. The CVC bans cameras and photo radar for speed enforcement. This is not speed enforcement. It may be a scam, and the part where some private company collects part of the ticket money is definitely a scam and probably illegal, but the use of the device is not prohibited by the Vehicle Code.

  4. why not apply this technology and business model to taggers? lock up the little bastards and let the aussies shake them down for their lunch money

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