Pic-Nic at Will Roger’s State Historic Park

When a pic-nic or outdoor party is mentioned in LA, many people immediately think “BEACH!” Most who give this response tend to be from far off places with descriptions like “land-locked” and have grown up with things like “winter” and “snow.” Beach schmeach. Too much sand. The water is freezing cold. Give me a pretty park with big trees and happy grass lawns with room for multiple games of frisbee or catch or tag.

Last Saturday my husband and I pic-nic’d at Will Rogers State Historic Park. I had this park on my mind because about a month ago, Annika wrote this post about a great park she discovered near her home. Many readers commented (including yours truly) about parks they love to visit. And WRSHP is always at the top of our list.

For more info and a video clip of the park, clicky the linky.
(photo of Will Roger’s Ranch House from the WRSHP website.)

We were there from about 2:30 to 5pm and the amount of people did not change.

There were other people BBQing in large groups around the corner in the official pic-nic area with tables and BBQ pits.

You can just chill on the lawn like we do. Or you can take advantage of all the stuff to do there like tour the Ranch House or watch Polo (every weekend April through October) or even take horseback riding lessons. There are also lots of walking trails that wind up the hills behind the park. Bring your dogs (on a leash) and relax.

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