Buy your own Bumblebee own eBay is reporting that one of the Bumblebees used in the Transformers movie is being sold on eBay.

Here’s the link to the eBay auction

As of 12:45am on Friday Thursday, 7/12 the bidding is up to $24,300.

But you get quite a deal on shipping… it’s only $14.98.

The description says:

This Camaro is in overall good running condition with extensive upgrades throughout. The vehicle has a rebuilt V8 engine with a modified high rise double pump carburetor and modified headers. The Camero has an automatic transmission, power steering, with “Craigers” wheels up front and “American” wheels in the back. The dash has been modified with new gauges, a spruced up interior, and the “Autobots” logo on the steering wheel! The car comes with a title from the State of Oklahoma.

It doesn’t say anything about whether or not it actually transforms, though. Maybe the “BEE-OTCH” air freshener will be included, though.

7 thoughts on “Buy your own Bumblebee own eBay”

  1. Amazing what a pedigree like a film will do for a car whose body is beat to death and will take a good 10K to bring to show quality. Engine compartment too needs work. These old muscle cars when pristine are worth some serious bucks.

    The really cool part of this auction is that it isn’t a greedy owner selling it off, but rather it was donated to a charity for their fund raising. The money goes to the Fisher House Foundation which provides housing and assistance to family’s of military personnel and veterans. That in my humble opinion is the best part of this auction.

  2. I saw this particular vehicle at ShoWest in March. While it is obviously a car that is not in pristine condition, it’s also obvious that was actually made to look this way on purpose.

    Of course, it’s not to say that if you wanted a nice looking car you’d have to spend some dough to fix it up.

    The potential buyer may want to keep it in its original beat-up state…

  3. From the auction…

    “The rate of $12.99 does not apply to oversized items. Please contact us for all oversized item’s rates.”

    I think you can consider this an oversized item.

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