Will King-Harbor Live?

This past weekend, I watched Sicko. I will not share my general disgust (which yes, many/most/all of you share), and this is not a movie review (though you should see it). I was wondering why Sicko has generated discussion about health care in general, but not about health care in L.A. in particular.

I was not surprised to see USC Medical’s horrific acts of delivering patients to skid row. “Hey! I remember that story! Hmm. I wonder what happened about that…” It is also worth noting that a google news search brought up the single aforelinked story. Not exactly front-page news.

I was not surprised when Moore showcased King-Drew King-Harbor Medical Center. I was surprised, however, that this op-ed in last sunday’s LA Times called for the euthanitization of King-Harbor. As an educator working in South LA, I can assure you that many of my students have no access to emergency care save for King-Harbor. Although I’ve come to terms with the frequent and senseless deaths of my students year after year, I shudder to think how many more students of mine will die this year if King-Harbor closes its doors.

As if the mere thought of King-Harbor’s closure was not terrifying enough, we are now one step closer to seeing it happen. Unless King-Harbor starts meeting “state and federal standards”, then closure is certain. We can only hope that King-Harbor survives this. If South LA’s flagship school–Crenshaw–can survive threats of closure, then perhaps South LA’s medical flagship can make it past critical as well.

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  1. If you’re keeping up with the patient-dumping story, Anderson Cooper 360 (on CNN) did a lengthy piece on the issue tonight.

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