Sweatin’ Bullets: Feelin’ Blue

rubendodgers.jpgPhotographer/LAPD Officer Ruben is a Dodger fan. This is his shrine. (used under Creative Commons)

Natalie Bovis-Nelsen of cocktail blog The Liquid Muse, gives some tips on how to turn your blog into a personal selling point for yourself to prospective employers, magazine editors, etc. (at Media Bistro)

Long before Nascar, between 1909 and 1919, Santa Monica was a “Mecca” for auto-racing enthusiasts. LA Frog has the history lesson.

Mike at Franklin Ave. notes that KFWB (news 98!) has returned the ambient canned sound of a teletype machine behind the newscasters voices.

D’oh! Caroline on Crack reports that our two area Kwik-E-Marts are out of the limited edition products (KrustyOs, Chutney Squishees, etc.) but that fresh shipments may arrive from Springfield on Wednesday.

Note to bloggers everywhere… if you change your RSS feed address, please let your readers know in a post… otherwise, some of us may think you’re sick or dead. Yes, Curbed LA, I’m looking at you!

CORRECTION? It appears that Walter Moore is either back, or never left, the ranks of Mayor Sam’s contributors – although a number of his recent posts have been deleted… (btw, as Franklin Ave. also notes, Mayor Sam’s site is about to undergo a facelift).

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  1. And here I thought there were no more items of interest for the archi-porn set. Someone needs to do a FAQ about blogs, rss, and especially rss readers!

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