Gelato in LA reader Katherine Spiers wrote in a couple of days ago:

With this week’s heat wave, people will be looking for new outlets of icy goodness. Perhaps this list of LA purveyors might be of use in a short item or in some listage.

The list, according to gridskipper:
1. Bulgarini Gelato, Altadena
2. Pazzo Gelateria, Los Angeles (Silverlake)
3. Al Gelato, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills)
4. Il Cono, Beverly Hills
5. Tutti Gelati, Pasadena
6. Scoops, Los Angeles (note: the address on gridskipper for Scoops is incorrect; Scoops is actually located at 712 N Heliotrope Dr)

I especially like the inclusion of Scoops on this list (they admit that Scoops doesn’t technically do gelato), but I’ve got to wonder if there are more/better gelato places in L.A. than what’s on this list?

I’ve decided that I’m totally over Stinkberry and its various knockoffs, but it’s been years now and I am still a sucker for Scoops. Last week I stopped by Scoops on a whim and got deelish scoops of raspberry (boring, I know) and mango + rambutan (tastes like lychee!) ice cream.

It had been a while since I’d been there and Tai (the owner/emperor of ice cream) asked me what I’d been up to and how come it had been so long since I’d visited. I mentioned that I had been totally swamped with work, etc, so it was hard to get out there in time before he closed shop. Even though it was crazy busy in there, Tai paid attention to the flavors I chose. While I was paying for my Scoops, he discreetly scooped a pint of raspberry for me to take home with me so I would have some Scoops to tide me over until my next visit… no charge! I actually squealed, “I love you!” (How embarrassing!)

But it’s true, and I’ll even declare it here… I love Scoops and Tai Kim!

Photo by greentheory, used under Creative Commons

6 thoughts on “Gelato in LA”

  1. okay – this is quite possibly one of the oddest things I’ve experienced. Last night I was at Reggae night at Newhall Bike Co and a guy told me about (previously I had only been posting photos to the group on flickr thinking it was only a flickr group)

    so this morning I decide to check it out, and voila, my photo! good morning!

  2. The rankings should also take into consideration and mention who makes their gelato from scratch (Scoops, Bulgarini, anyone else??) and who makes it using pre-mixes/powders.

  3. The Chocolatebox Cafe in Altadena FLIES IN their own Italian gelato. Yes, they FLY IT IN in refrigerated freekin’ planes.

    That is class.

    And it tastes like real Italian gelato.

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