Sweatin’ Bullets: Case of the giggles

summer.jpgPhoto by HoldThatTiger, used under Creative Commons

Dateline>City of Angels suggests five L.A. landmarks that should be knocked down to further erase the city’s history, including the Triforium, Music Box stairs, and “the David House”. He’s asking readers to add their own suggestions.

Meet L.A.’s Top Banana – the hottest new add to your blog roll. She kicked things off by writing about getting new boobs, with insurance (one of her “originals” deflated), her impressions of the Mayor’s mistress, who works in the same newsroom as she does, and her efforts to find a man via CraigsList and other online means… yeah, she’s single.

Recently reelected City Council President Eric Garcetti boasts that L.A. diverts more trash into recycling than any other US city – 60%! And tells apartment dwellers who don’t already have recycling plans how they can get in the act.

LAists Christine Ziemba interviews Ray Bradbury about monorails

…while Kid Danger at Los Anjealous interviews Thai Elvis who performs at Palms Thai.

Blog drama! Walter Moore apparently quit (or was canned) as a contributor for Mayor Sam’s Sister City after he felt forced to block readers comments. “One or more disturbed staffers,” he wrote on a since deleted post, were “abusing the privilege. I’ll spare you the vulgar details, but you’ve probably seen more imaginative epithets in public restrooms.”