What no Mogen David?

I swore to myself I wasn’t going to blog about Villaraigosa’s peccadillos because who needs one more blog entry about who AV is shtupping really? But I cannot resist sharing this tidbit from the LA Times story of the fourth that details the whole genealogy of the relationship because it made me laugh out loud. Though I admit it’s entirely possible that it’s only funny if you’re Jewish:


Jean Rouda … said she and her niece entered the lobby, where they encountered Villaraigosa, who was wearing a dress shirt and slacks, and was carrying bags of takeout food and a bottle of wine. . . .

Rouda said she was certain that Villaraigosa was visiting Salinas because everyone else in the 15-unit complex was “older and Jewish” except for her. “I knew he was not going to visit an elderly Jewish woman with wine and food,” she said.

(The photo–courtesy of hsivonen–doesn’t really have anything to do with Salinas or Villaraigosa, but it makes me smile too.)

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