Road Trip! Clean Air, Clear Stars

CACS_Poster-Final4Web-filtered.jpgBeach, schmeach. When I need to get out of the city I head for the desert. A recent trip out with Heathervescent‘s crew found us in Joshua Tree, shooting at Uri Geller-style contraptions, building Big Ass Fires, and–when it was crash time–staring at the stars as I fell asleep. They were so crystal-clear and multitudinous that they seemed like a blanket of a million lights, a canopy of stars. You can never see these kind of stars in LA. Maybe you see one. Or two. I had so much fun on that trip, but by far what took the cake was the vista of the night sky as I fell asleep.

The only thing missing was good music.

Cleverly addressing this issue is Clean Air! Clear Stars!, a music festival out in J-Tree–Pioneertown, to be exact. It’s LA’s finest folk, alt-country, psych-cowboy and indie rock out among the gorgeous scenery of LA’s high desert, and should be effing aMAYzing, a dust-flavored, whiskey-tinged, peyote-colored smorgasbord of music and art paired with one of CA’s most austere-yet-sublime [ed’s note: please, please know the real meaning of that word] settings. Highlights include Gram Rabbit, Sabrosa Purr, Highway (with Peter Holmstrom of the Dandy Warhols), Silver Rockets (featuring Paul Dillon of Mercury Rev), Lion Fever, The Tyde, Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Spindrift, Winter Flowers, The Moon Upstairs, Xu Xu Fang and a metric fuckton more. Full lineup here.

100% of profits from the all-volunteer festival will go to Global Inheritance and More info on their mission here.

Be sure to visit Joshua Tree’s finest sushi establishment while you are there.

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3 thoughts on “Road Trip! Clean Air, Clear Stars”

  1. I hate to be a dick, b/c I LOVE Pappy and Harriet’s, J-Town and all these bands…but the irony of motoring out to the desert in celebration of clean air is not lost upon me.

  2. Take your Prius. Doesn’t everyone have a Prius now? Or a converted Mercedes? ;)

    Hell, people will be driving all feckin’ over this weekend. If they drive to a place where their money goes towards a good cause instead of towards chili dogs and Universal Studios, I am pleased.

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