No Matter How Things Change …

There was a small post on TVSquad a few weeks back about the trippin’ news opens from Cleveland in the seventies, and I was wondering if there was something similar in Los Angeles local news at the time. I didn’t find anything quite as choice as that, but I did dig up a few good news snippets … back in the day when we had NFL football in Los Angeles and Pat Sajak bringing us the weather instead of word puzzles with prizes.

This pair of station IDs for KCOP and KABC in 1979 come pretty close to being psychadelic … but a little too brief (and no dancing people!). (Check out this alternate version for KCOP.)

1979kabc.jpgThis one from 1979 on KABC might look a little old and faded, but really, how different is the news? Story teases for School Integration, Burbank Airport Noise, Grunion Run and some traffic downtown … oh and a doctor accused of having sex with patients.

3 thoughts on “No Matter How Things Change …”

  1. Excellent find. What the hey ever happened to John Shubeck and Tricia Toyota (as far as I know the only TV newscaster to have a song written about her, more new wave than punk I believe.

  2. When I think of a nightly television newscast, I think of that one from KABC’s Eyewitness News in 1979: Dunphy, Lund, et al., the staging, the lighting, when newscasters looked professional and had to illustrate a story without the use of computer graphics flashing all over. Back when the news seemed important and consequential. Grunions and all.

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