Jeff Santiago homecoming event at room5lounge 7/11

Homecoming events are cool, especially for a musical artist like Jeff Santiago. Jeff’s event is planned July 11 at room5lounge (details after the jump).

Jeff, part of the band Rozinante that also included Chad “Catfish” Treatman, James Book, Alex Bendana and Dustin Jack, split up last year so each could pursue different career paths. I know Chad really well from breaks back in the day when we were cube dwellers in Glendale and he was starting this band with Jeff. Watching them grow on the local club circuit was awesome.

Rozinante first CD titled the same and hasn’t left my CD changer since I got it. They have great harmony with Jeff’s sultry voice all to a soft rock acoustical guitar groove that is perfect for a long distance road trip. The lyrics take you through a journey of relationship exploration or social commentary.

It’s unknown at this point if Chad “Catfish” Treatman will be able to clear his commitments in Las Vegas and make this a true “Rozinante” reunion. Regardless if he can make it or not, you can count on Jeff’s sultry voice and the smooth acoustical rock to entertain you.

The details on the room5lounge:
Wednesday July 11, 2007
Room 5
143 N La Brea 2nd Floor
LA CA 90036

They are looking at some sort of pre-show “bite and get together” so get there early if possible.

A bit more about Jeff can be found on his myspace and his personal.

Final tidbit for you fans of trivia, “Rozinante” is the handle given by Don Quixote to his trusty “steed” (donkey?). They chose the name because “Rozinante symbolizes the vehicle that carries us through our experiences and dreams”.

I’m still on my road trip, if all is going as planned I may make it back for this event. If I don’t make it, do me the favor and raise your glass and wish him well for me!