Dodger traffic actually not that bad

The 5 freeway was thankfully empty, and parking was easy. When I arrived at Dodger Stadium yesterday, the sun was headed down on the ecliptic and a slight breeze was blowing: perfect baseball weather. We made our way down into the clubhouse, where we promptly saw Alyssa Milano (a true blue fan!) and Larry King. We gorged ourselves on Dodger Dogs and Cracker Jack, then settled into our seats for the game. After a few innings of 0-0, we were ready to go back in and eat some more brisket, but thankfully the game picked up from there. In the end, and despite Pierre’s best efforts, we lost 5-2. Hey, at least I got a giant inflatable catcher’s mitt.

The fireworks were what you expected them to be: if you need a visual, check out the front page of today’s Times.

Leaving was the worst part. Then again, it always is.

3 thoughts on “Dodger traffic actually not that bad”

  1. There was some pretty severe traffic backed up from the Stadium Way gate, but from my pedestrian perspective the parking situation did look like it was handled pretty well. But agh: the front page photo of the Times ain’t nothing. Not that mine are, but there’s a bunch I posted on Flickr from our barhop walk to the stadium and our seats up in the sunny Top Deck, where there might have been some Milano cookies to be found, but none named Alyssa.

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