Monrovia Art Festival opens up spaces for 10/07 Event

Ok by now you know one of the causes I champion to no end is the arts more specifically helping artists showcase their work and giving them a shameless plug when I get the chance. I’ve blogged about this festival and the association before here and follow the link if you need a refresher.

The Monrovia Art Festival Association Celebrate the Arts scheduled to be held Oct 6 & 7, will be adjacent to Monrovia’s Library Park on Palm and Myrtle Avenues has artist showcase spaces available and has opened up the spaces to artists interested in the event. You do have to be a member (nominal fee) and be juried (cheaper than most venues is good for life unless you change media). This is a fine art event so if you are simply stringing beads or working paint-paint-by-number this isn’t an event for you. All the info you need is on their website. You can even get your application with a quick click toDownload file here.