Maybe Mayor Villagaroisa Is Just a Normal Guy….

So the breaking news with our Mayor is that he’s having a ‘relationship’ with a reporter. Uh… Okay. Who cares? Does it really matter? Enough already. When a marriage breaks up there are lots of causes, and usually one partner strays as a result of those issues. But rarely does a union dissolve solely becasue of an affair. There’s always more going on and really, so what? Who cares who sleeps with who. It’s kind of a private thing.
It amazes me that people expect our polititcians (and religious leaders and just about anyone in the public eye) to behave any differently than they themselves or the bulk of society does. I read somewhere that a conservative estimate is that 60% of married men have affairs outside their marriages. For women it’s around 40%. Since that’s the case, why do we make it a cause celebre? People have crazy sex drives and men seem to like variety and they always have, always will.

I do feel a great deal of compassion for his wife, who he’s getting a divorce from and for his kids. No one likes this stuff out in the public, and no one likes to be the one who is humiliated. But it seems to happen to all of us at least once or twice, so I guess that’s just life. I, for one, hate the idea that marraiges don’t last forever. I’m as stuck in that fairy tale fantasy as anyone, but I also realize that we live a lot longer and most people go through several partners in a lifetime. So maybe the solution is to give Mayor Villagaroisa a break and concentrate on the actual job he’s doing for Los Angeles, not who he’s doing.

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  1. I was thinking all the very same things on my drive home tonight. Thanks for putting it all succinctly.

  2. It was really odd that during the press conference when he was asking for privacy, he said in Spanish that Salinas was not pregnant, since I guess that had been a rumor. That was stupid: nobody needs to know that and I hope he asked her before revealing such confidential information.

  3. El Chavo, according to LA Observed, Villaraigosa was asked if Salinas was pregnant. I’m pretty sure he did just to dispel rumors before they get any larger.

  4. The precedent was set when we impeached Clinton for lying about this kind of thing.

    I agree that we shouldn’t expect our politicians to act any differently than the rest of us. However, we should have an expectation that our politicians will act honestly, and act in the best interests of their constituents.

    When someone is in a position of power, and they are behaving in a manner that is secretive (as in having an affair, and the affair is not public), then that person is open to undue influence. Whether it’s personal influence from their mistress or their spouse, to influence from unsavory characters that have discovered the illicit behavior – there is an opportunity for that behavior to leave the person vulnerable.

    If we are talking about a regular person, then you are right. Who cares? But, since we are talking about a person in a high public office, then it opens him up to criticism and comment about his character, and his ability to be truthful. If he can’t be trusted in his marriage, how can we trust him as a leader?

  5. Diego,
    Yeah, I just saw that footage and he did answer this question in English as well, hadn’t seen it before. “I can tell you emphatically that that question is outrageous and the answer is no, she is not pregnant.” What a crazy thing to say.

  6. I wish the US were like France or Italy, but we’re not. We don’t have a tolerance for “a bit on the side.” This isn’t even that. The side has become the main course.

    Villaraigosa has exposed himself as a liar. He lied (omitted the truth) to his wife for some number of months (or longer). If he lied to her, why wouldn’t he do the same to us?

    Do he think he’s “sleeping” with Rocky D too?

  7. When the Mayor was being sworn in I said to the television, “Ok, we got you there…now don’t screw it up!” I guess he wasn’t listening.

    As others have said, it has little to do with the act of adultery, but much more to do with a betrayal of trust. He has now placed himself and his administration under a cloud of suspicion and this will actively thwart his attempts to get things done in the city.

    Once people begin to question your actions, they will require extra support, extra assurances and extraordinary proof that he means what he says. Meanwhile the city will grind to an (even bigger) halt than it already has.

    If he truly wanted to make a mark on the city, he may just have lost his chance.


  8. You want to focus on the job he’s doing? Gah! He’s sucked so much at that lately (with his unconstitutional school coup and his pretty-please request for citizens to voluntarily cut back water usage 10%) that this episode finally and fully pulling back the curtain to reveal him as a phony flake is almost a relief.

  9. Feeling a little down this 4th of July? Need a little pick-me-up? Get yourself an LA Times and read the lead story, “Mayor Reveals Romantic Link.” I howled with laughter as Jean Rouda recalls seeing Antonio on his way to Mirthala’s condo in November 2005. “I know who you are,” she tells him, “I know who you are going to see. Tell her I say ‘hi.'”

  10. I’m not so interested in him–the much bigger story is the journalism ethics of Salinas and Telemundo. Simply amazing that she’s also dated Fabian Nunez and Alex Padilla.

  11. Don’t you mean the job he’s NOT doing? Must be nice to see the world on the taxpayers dime. As for his marriage, I could care less about his personal life.

  12. This mayor is so sleezy it’s refreshing because the only facade he’s putting up is in his own mind. The story would only be better if he was sleeping with Paris Hilton.

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