Dodger Stadium Parking To Revisit Sucking Again Tomorrow

Remember those beginning-of-the-season parking woes Dodger fans had the privilege of paying $15 for? Well even though by most accounts and a lack of continued griping it seems things have mellowed out on that front, the Dodgers decided to send out an e-notice waaaaay in advance of tomorrow’s game this afternoon reminding everyone that for tomorrow night’s game and the pyrotechnical extravagonzo following immediately thereafter it’s gonna suck spectacular for operators of motor vehicles once again:

Thank you for deciding to celebrate Independence Day at Dodger Stadium tomorrow!

Due to the fireworks show that will take place immediately following the 6:10 p.m. game vs. the Braves, portions of the Dodger Stadium parking lots will be closed.

This game will be heavily attended, so we advise you to:

• Arrive early Рparking gates open at 4:10 p.m., stadium gates open at 4:40 p.m.
• Carpool Р4 or more to a car

In addition, specially discounted $5.00 remote parking will be available in Lots 13 and 14, which are located on Stadium Way next to the Fire Academy Training Center.

Way back when my wife Susan and I got us our top deck cheap seats to celebrate the 4th of July, we decided to be part of the solution and walk the couple miles to the Dodgers front door from ours. Of course we didn’t have the foresight to figure out how effing hot it was gonna be, but we’re still sticking to the pedestrian plan. However, in order to beat this seasonal heatwave and avoid dancing with any dehydration we plan to proceed at a reeeeeally relaxed pace making strategic stops at pretty much any every establishment serving beer and/or tequila and/or rum between here and there.

I figure if we get started around noon we should get there by the second inning. Third tops.

10 thoughts on “Dodger Stadium Parking To Revisit Sucking Again Tomorrow”

  1. May I recommend and umbrella … oh, wait, I’m sure they’ll confiscate that at the park … and give you a bat in return.

  2. Please give us an update on how long it takes to walk … been thinking about walking there myself for a game from sunset junction area but have no clue how long it’ll take. Looking forward to one of your photo essays on it. :)

  3. teek – from SunJun it’s about 3 miles to the stadium. Should take you about an hour at a comfortable pace … 45 minutes if you’re trucking. (Give yourself two hours if you’re stoppin’ at bars)

  4. Teek: Cybele’s got it nailed and indeed there will be photos to be shared.

    Oren: The No. 2 line is a fine idea and might be put into use if the planets and schedules align so that the bus presents itself at the exact moment we might be passing one of its stops, otherwise hoofing it ain’t no big thing.

    Emily: Thanks for the carpool offer but we’re good to go.

    Rob: Pffft.

  5. Will,

    Make sure you say hi to the folks at the Cambodian temple on Sunset before you turn up the hill to enter the stadium.

  6. I will never go to Dodger Stadium until they fix parking. It’s all part of McCourt’s master plan to move the Dodgers back to Brooklyn.

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