Vagabond Blogger: Hollywood Regional Library

So, funny story:

Turns out one of my favorite Blogs was looking for new contributors recently. I was, in fact, thrilled when I received an e-mail telling me I had been accepted to contribute to this fine site.

Then, my computer promptly died.

The Universe, it would seem, has a sense of humor. And I respect that.

Thus, Friends and Neighbors, in an attempt to take the crap handed to me and make “Crap-ade,” I present the first installment of my hopefully short-lived series: “Vagabond Blogger: Libraries and Net Cafes of Hollywood.”

After the jump, we’ll review at the Hollywood Regional Library on Ivar.

So, here we are at the Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Branch Library, located at 1623 N Ivar Ave, between Hollywood Blvd., and Selma Ave.

This is a pretty nice library, lots of Dead Tree info to borrow, but we’re here to talk about the ‘Net Access, so lets get to that, shall we?

First of all, it’s free, which is nice. You will need a Library Card to access the computers, and you will need to use the last four digits of your phone number as a completely unsecure PIN. If you happen to have lost your library card, a replacement is 2 bucks, however, the nice librarian lady provided me with my card number free of charge, as long as I was able to show her a valid I.D. (Which I hadn’t lost.)

It’s certainly worth mentioning that everyone here is extremely nice, and very helpful, at least every time I’ve been here. This is definitely a plus.

Now the downside: these machines are in high demand. You have to reserve them ahead of time. Frankly, I lucked out; someone canceled, or this would be a different review today. You reserve the machines via the “Information Only” computers located nearest the front desk. It’s pretty straight forward, but, again, the staff is very helpful and happy to show you how to do so. You can, apparently, reserve a computer online, as well. If you have a computer to do this on, the question of why you need to use the library computer springs immediately to mind. (I suppose you could reserve it from work, or some such.)

They’re also not fast, but really, what do you expect? You’re not going to be playing World of Warcraft from these babies.

Library Hours are from 10 AM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday, 10 AM to 6 PM Friday and Saturday and 1 PM to 5 PM Sundays. Parking is surprisingly ample for this part of town, though metered and, apparently, you may park for two hours free, with Library Validation, at 1623 Vine St. (I had no idea about this until just now. See? We’re all learning something.)

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of “Vagabond Blogger.” I also hope I get my computer fixed or replaced soon so I’m not forced to do this forever. In any case, if you have suggestions, questions or anything else you want me to include in further reviews, feel free to get your comments on, and I’ll accommodate as I can.

One last thing: these computers don’t seem to have a Spell Check, and I’m new to Movable Type. Deal.

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  1. Dare I mention – the same thing happened to Frazgo.

    We’re not cursed – I promise!

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