Not everyone loves the LAFD stranger to controversy, L.A. Times cartoonist Donna Barstow struck a nerve with a blog entry claiming that the LA Fire Department did “a craptacular job in the recent Griffith Park fire”.

From her Griffith Park, Interrupted blog:

Firemen are very cute, I know, but what the hell were they doing??

Ok, I know nothing about fire, or putting it out. And firepeople are probably some of the hardest workers anywhere. But a fire department that lets a fire get this out of hand…sucks.

The post, dated June 14th, would have likely gone unnoticed by most of the L.A. blogosphere if it weren’t for LAFD spokesman Brian Humphrey who pointed it out on the LAFD Blog, and encouraging everyone to “read the remainder of that post with an open mind and to politely share your viewpoint and more importantly, your personal experience and suggestions via comments to her blog.”

As of this writing seven comments have been made there (including one by Brian and another by myself), all politely disagreeing with her whole heartedly.

While Barstow never once explains what she meant by a “craptacular job”, or what the LAFD could have done better, she does suggest that they never took the fire seriously and instead referred to it merely as a “scrub” or “brush” fire.

If her post does have a worthwhile point, it is that our city officials, including Tom LaBonge’s office and Rec and Parks, continue to be woefully inadequate in communicating with the public on the numerous issues surrounding the Griffith Park Recovery. At the very least, Barstow should be commended for demonstrating her concern for the park, and using her blog to share any information she learns… its just a shame some of us had to hear about her blog this way.

In the meantime, to find out more about whats really happening in Griffith Park, keep an eye on the Park and Rec’s “Griffith Park Recovery” blog, especially the comments. While the entries themselves are an attempt at keeping people updated as to opening and closures in the park, little information on the whys, or any other issue, is ever addressed.