Ripe full of suckers

A guy in a Ross Dress 4 Less button up and tie is pitching his company, ACN, to an oafish looking dude at the table next to me here at Starbucks. I’ve seen this sort of thing before, so I immediately Google up “ACN” and quickly find a number of people associating them as being little different from a pyramid scheme. According to numerous online reports, most of the money made by ACN “reps” is by recruiting new reps… and to become a rep it costs around $500.

After graduating high school, I almost fell for company that worked off a very similar model (I think it was Cutco), where you have to pay to work for them. Fortunately, my family talked me out of it, and I am forever humbled that I once believed I couldn’t be suckered into any scam.

Enter Los Angeles, the city of dreams, where the hordes flock in hopes of being discovered at a bus stop, or selling a million idea movie idea during a chance encounter with a producer. I can recall over the years meeting more than a handful of friends who tried to convince me that theyhad stumbled upon an outstanding opportunity that would make them rich. Most recently, these came in the form of being licensed as travel agents, but I still remember a couple different casting website type deals, and the ever present tele-communications “opportunities”.

Six months later, I’d always find the same poor souls back waiting tables or again at a temp agency, never wanting to discuss whatever happened to the business opportunity.

So, please, let this serve as a simple public service announcement, and before you spend a dime for a business opportunity, check the web and do a lot of research.

3 thoughts on “Ripe full of suckers”

  1. I’ve got $500 burning a hole in my pocket, I’m joining. My ticket to financial freedom has arrived.

  2. It’s kind of amazing to me how many otherwise intelligent friends of mine have (repeatedly) tried to get me to join various pyramid schemes with them.

  3. I did the Cutco knives thing one summer. Yes,I did have to buy my own knife set to start off. But I still have all the knives and they are great (20 years later) a and I hear from some of the people I sold knives too, how much they still love their knives. Cutco has a lifetim warranty. I can still cut a penny with the shears, pretty fun trick. I did pretty good in the sales dept, working on referrals…and got to go on a Cutco conference boat cruise with some of my colleagues. We were all 19-23 years old and had a blast. We believed in teh product and its a lot more than those weird esoteric landmark forum groups or how to make money quick schemes, it was a really product that allowed people to have fun and make money. I’m just sayin… not all pyramid schemes cause everyone to lose, just look at the product you are selling and dont put more money in than you are willing to.

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