Sweatin’ Bullets: The one that links to Coop’s nudie pics

Photo by pgooki, used under Creative Commons.

Josephine at 10086 Sunset Blvd. goes in for a pair of biopsies on her breasts, and isn’t calmed much when the doc says the process isn’t as painful as childbirth.

After having his free promotional razors stolen from his Sunday paper last week, and the whole LA Times this week, our own Will Campbell plans to set up a web cam to catch the perp next time around. I’m bringing popcorn.

danah boyd discovers a growing class divide between MySpace and Facebook users.

LA Metromole finds a haunted bus stop.

Opus vlogs from the Erotic Expo, where he gets to add a few nicks to his goal of doing one new thing every day for a year… including dancing on a stripper pole, eating chocolate penises, and getting a spanking (I’m just guessing that the last one is a first).

Coop took some nudie pics (NSFW, god bless him).

4 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets: The one that links to Coop’s nudie pics”

  1. Will: The LA Times can also wrap a “don’t steal this paper” notice around the outside of your newspapers, if you ask.

    My paper carrier did that for me over a weeks time and it solved the problem.

    Just letting this inconsiderate prick know that you’re on to them will usually stop the thefts.

    It never ceases to amaze me though, how some people can walk up to a neighbors home and steal something off their front driveway/porch and think nothing of it.

    To me, it’s the same as walking off with a piece of lawn furniture.

  2. Yeah TUA, I’ve seen that “don’t steal” packaging used in past incidents. I think it should be standard, kinda like the anti-piracy spot on DVDs.

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