What’s going down in your hood?

Ever wonder what kinda freaky fucked up shit is going down in your neighborhood when you hear copper sirens and/or helicopters buzzing your house? Well, now you can find out the downlow via LAPD Crimemap’s awesome website @ http://www.lapdcrimemaps.org/. Today was a good day, only a few “thefts from vehicles” in my area.

Speaking of, it’d be a crime if you missed The Duke Spirit play their rock n’ roll music @ Spaceland on Tuesday night this week. They slay, I promise.

4 thoughts on “What’s going down in your hood?”

  1. Nice, wish my hood did that but wait, they bury our crime and intimidate the citizens who asked what happen as no one wants to besmurch our white bread image and scare customers away.

  2. Looks like it tells you about the prior week. 19 circles in a one-mile radius! Just another piece of assurance to know that I live in a crappy neighborhood.
    I want to go to that show but I’m three months shy of 21. Sucks to be me in LA

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