Events in the Blogosphere!

It’s a busy week for bloggy events. LA Daddy has invited all bloggers to Hollywood for a blogger party Saturday.

What: The 1st Annual L.A. Blogger Party. It is basically an excuse to get together and talk with fellow bloggers, blog readers, blog lurkers, and blog celebrities (blogebrities?) who live in Southern California. No hype, no pressure, no expectations… just good clean fun for all!

No snarky comments about the 1st annual. I know there have been various blogger meet-ups for a while, but it’s always someone’s first time. Come on out and meet some new folks. I plan to stop by before shaking mah Bootie at Safari Sam’s!

And then Leahpeah is hosting two cool blogger events. First up is LA Angst! I don’t know about you, but I was the living embodiment of angst in my teenage years. A few years ago, I burned all my teenage poetry, school notes and the boxes of love letters from a plethora of X-boyfriends (and husband). But, I still have my journals. I don’t know if I will dare to read from any of them. But hey, you might want to come on out. Ariel Meadow Stallings from Salon of Shame in Seattle is kicking it off.

Here are some guidelines:

Here are some guidelines to help you choose your selection:
1. You must be the author. We only encourage embarrassing yourself, not others.
2. We’ve found the best age range to be the teen years. Childhood and early college years come in as close seconds. Old diaries are pure gold.
3. Selections should be 5 minutes or less. People have short attention spans. If your diary entries are sagas, best to pick your favorite page and leave the rest for next time.

You can check out LA Angst on Sunday, June 3rd at Liquid Kitty in West LA.

The second one is Bloggers Live.

Bloggers Live! is a combination of Los Angeles bloggers getting together every second Thursday to read a selection of their entries live. Anyone who blogs is encouraged to join the group and sign up to read. Anyone who reads them, blogger or not, is invited to come and listen.

I’ll be reading some of my own selections at the first one next Thursday. It will probably be all gushy I love LA type posts. Or maybe I’ll read the one about driving off the canyon road. Regardless, come for the fun and join the group if you are so inclined.

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  1. well, the echo has been doing a lot of “upgrades” to their club over the past few months, including adding their basement club space, which is where check your ponytail is going to be. There were issues with more parking, non-mixing crowds on club nights (upstairs and downstairs scenes) and other stuff. I’m happy about the move, cause Safari Sam’s is just down the street.

  2. What?! This is not the first ever blogger gathering? I’m not doing anything original?!

    Well, shoot… that’s it! The party is off!

    I’m gonna take my toys and go home. And cry.

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