Light up the Fire Nunchucks

firearts.jpgGet with the modernity. The new thing is Fire Nunchuku! Or if that’s not your thing, there’s Kung Fu Fire Sabre or Fire Eating or just your standard Poi.

And you too can get these modern skills in just 4 to 6 weeks at Fire Groove! Ok, so maybe this sounds a bit like an advertisement, but that’s just because I think it’s so cool – or rather Hot!!! I think ya’all know how much I like the fire. But seriously, if you are into getting some hot fire skills, I suggest you check out Hannah and her siblings. I’ve had their fire staff classes on my todo list for about a year.

One thought on “Light up the Fire Nunchucks”

  1. These people are the ultimate in cool. Great website, beautiful people and a real positive, uplifting approach.

    Yoga is the foundation of much of this or so it seems. I’m not surprised.

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