Yes, the Force is soooo with me

leiaandfriends.jpgStar Wars Celebration IV begins Friday at the Los Angeles Convention Center

I must confess, I’m one of the most blessed Star Wars fans in the galaxy. I was five when I first saw Star Wars, and it was after right after watching the “The Making of Star Wars special when it first aired on CBS in 1977, that I decided that I wanted to make movies when I grew up.

While the filmmaker career has been hit or miss, through all of the random jobs I’ve had living in Los Angeles I’ve been able to meet almost all the primary players that made the holy trilogy.  Working for a busy journalist, I got to interview Harrison Ford for a Premiere Magazine article… the Westwood flower shop I used to work at was frequented by Carrie Fisher, who made my knees buckle everytime she’d walk in… as an assistant to a family in Santa Monica, I took the kids to a screening of “The Empire Strikes Back” hosted by Mark Hamill,  whose own kids went to the same school… and at the last minute, MTV flew me up to Skywalker Ranch for a celebrity screening of “The Phantom Menace”, where I worked with George Lucas to jerry-rig a worn out stereo for the post-reception…

And yet, none of the above could top the event that I was able to exploit my Metroblogging credentials to gain a media to:

“Slave Leia Belly Dancing Lessons”, 12pm Friday at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as part of “Star Wars Celebration IV”, a four day convention commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the release of the original “Star Wars”.

There’s plenty more for your avid or even average fan: laser tag, a marathon screening of all six films, build a droid workshops, collector’s showrooms and auctions, celebrity panels, and even a Jedi Training Academy… but I’ll be starting off my visit by covering the informative session for ladies on how to dance like Leia did while as Jabba the Hutts slave in Return of the Jedi.

Okay, forget that she doesn’t actually dance in the movie – thats not the point. The point is there’s plenty of reasons to bring the whole family to the Star Wars Celebration.

The event runs Friday, May 24th, thru Monday the 28th. Day passes are $45 for adults, $25 for kids – or four day passes are $110 for adults, $45 for kids. More info can be found at the official convention site, and an “insider’s guide” and other tips can be found at

…photo by Thistledown, used under Creative Commons… if you’re so inclined, the website Leia’s Metal Bikini has instructions on how to make your own outfit, and is helping organize some of this weekend’s events…

6 thoughts on “Yes, the Force is soooo with me”

  1. i’ll be there sat-mon with my fianc√©, and i just so happen to be a philadelphia metroblogger. we’ll be too late for the belly dancing lesson, though. how, exactly, did you exploit your credentials so successfully?

  2. Hmmm…if anything will be hit or miss, I’d say it would be the Slave Girl Leia Belly Dancing lessons. The geek in me is drooling. The negative realist though is shreking in terror while banging on pots and pans while waving the obligatory red flag.

  3. According to
    beginning with Episode I The Phantom Menace and ending with Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The approximately 17-hour program (including intermissions) will lead into the five days of non-stop festivities that will commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars throughout the rest of the Memorial Day weekend.

  4. I saw news about this at The closest I’ve been to such an event was the preview of Star Trek 2 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Yes, people were dressing up in Star Wars outfits there too. And people think Trekkies are strange.

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